Why Board Meeting Software is Essential for Modern Organizations: A Critical Review

Every year, we see the world plunge deeper into the phase of digitalization and computerization of all spheres of human activity. It is noticeable in any cluster, including business.

Therefore, it is worthwhile to analyze in more detail the importance of using modern software in a business cluster, its advantages, and representatives of good software for work meetings.

The Importance of Efficient Board Meetings in Today’s Business Landscape

It is worth starting with the fact that the active trend toward digital board meetings began quite recently, during the coronavirus pandemic. As reported by the Harvard Business Review, only 5% of business meetings were held using special board meeting software before that. However, after the pandemic started, the figure quickly increased by 95%.

Today, most companies have decided to keep the format of virtual board meetings as a practical tool for use. So now, the usual offices and offline meetings are easily replaced by a more innovative board portal, where company representatives can gather at any convenient time by clicking the “Join” button.

However, an effective and productive online meeting requires high-quality and feature-rich board management software. Board members want to use only good software that is specialized for briefings and other meetings. After all, this will directly affect the convenience of the online call, the comfort of the participants, and the overall productivity.

The Advantages of Using Board Meeting Software for Streamlined Governance

Organizing and conducting online security board meetings through specialized software can provide a company with several significant advantages. And these are the factors that make the online meeting format so valuable and useful for the business as a whole. Let’s talk about the main advantages below.

1. Enhanced Collaboration and Communication

Thanks to the fact that innovative programs and collaborative meeting tools use modern technology, the team can communicate and collaborate with colleagues as freely as possible. This helps users to create a real virtual meeting room where the entire communication within the boardroom will be organized.

Most modern programs that have been developed specifically for holding various types of work meetings can offer high-quality and clear methods of work that will confidently meet all the real-time collaboration features.

2. Improved Efficiency and Time Management

The great advantage of online work briefings is comfort and accessibility. After all, high-quality software can perform all the necessary time-saving features.

“Switching to digital was an absolute game changer. It has reduced all the administrative costs associated with board meetings and tasks related to circulating board papers,” said Michael Gourlay, in an article by Harvard Business Review.

In addition, such programs contain convenient internal functionality, such as meeting scheduling tools, automated agenda creation, or automatic display of a scheduled meeting in the calendar. So the whole process will be as digitalized and easy to understand as possible.

3. Enhanced Security and Compliance:

The enhanced security factor supports all the previous board management software benefits and helps to create real, practical virtual boardroom solutions.

Businesses that use the right software that is designed specifically for boardroom organizations get the chance to have paperless board meetings.

And the special data encryption protocols for secure file sharing capabilities that the software will use will provide the team with the ability to secure document sharing right in the virtual meeting room.

The Top Board Meeting Software Solutions in the Market: A Critical Evaluation

If companies want to hold high-quality and truly effective meetings, they should use professional software. So, below we will offer some examples of high-quality software that can be used to organize working business meetings and briefings.

a) OnBoard – Features and Limitations

A comprehensive board management system review – OnBoard – has demonstrated its clear advantages. It is a professional yet easy-to-use portal that is already used by more than 5,000 global businesses.

OnBoard has received high marks from users and the approval of industry critics. The platform is fully certified and tested. And additional personal data protection conditions ensure full control over access to all information.

b) Zeck – Features and Limitations

If we make a quick board portal comparison, we can see that Zeck is less popular only because it entered this market only in 2022 and has not yet managed to build a large customer base. Nevertheless, this software is developing with confidence and can already offer an easy way to create interactive billboards for different types of businesses.

An in-depth digital meeting platform analysis has shown that Zeck, as well as other popular best board management software providers, helps to use time more efficiently to prepare for a meeting and increase the overall efficiency of meetings by quickly preparing a unique whiteboard for the business.

Tips for Choosing the Right Board Meeting Software for Your Organization’s Specific Needs

Responsible businesses that want to choose the best software for their company should first analyze their own needs and expectations for such software.

It is also worthwhile to study in more detail what kind of interface the portal will offer for conducting work meetings because the team should intuitively understand how to use all the functions presented.

Finally, check what security measures the meeting platform offers to ensure that all information and documents are fully protected.

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